For the past couple of years, I’ve seen my people struggle. I’ve seen people go through financial crisis, go through unemployment. I’ve seen the people fighting amongst each other just because of some minor differences in their way of living. I come from a medical background, got graduated from medical university with the dream of helping people.
But just treating the physical problems was not sufficient enough as the problems lie deep inside when you are educated but have no source of income and you do not even taste the basic things life has to offer. Frustrated from all this, I found my way to resolve such things, by establishing this company- DNAR. DNAR is just not a direct selling company, but it has a larger picture. Its a mission for spreading happiness and joys through providing better lifestyle to people. My aim and expectations are to provide employment to as many as possible so that no such thing as financial crisis exists in the lives of people. Starting from a small extent, I dream to reach a large mass of people and help them to live their lives to the fullest. I hope to promote unity and brotherhood by welcoming people from different castes, domiciles, religions, gender to join this company. I aim to promote Ayurveda and herbal products in the best way possible, modify them and give them a brand. The Indian inside me has lit my thoughts and I think that India’s potential of making products itself can be lifted up only if such things are brought into light. The potential India has which can compete with other foreign brands is now being noticed and is just the beginning. By DNAR, I dream of a beautiful world with no people to suffer.